Apple iPhone X 256GB New

עדכון אחרון 10/12/2018
Apple iPhone X 256GB New
עדכון אחרון 10/12/2018
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Apple iPhone 7/8/X and Samsung Galaxy S8/Note 8 Brand New Apple iPhone X (64/256GB) $550 Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus (64/256GB) $500 Apple iPhone 7/7+ 128Gb $400 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ 64Gb $350 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64Gb $400 Colors Available: Silver, Space Gray, Gold And More. Condition: Brand New (Factory Sealed) Purchased directly from the Apple Store/Samsung 100% Authentic Shipping: FREE SAME-DAY SHIPPING Priority & Express Shipping available Worldwide Shipping Returns: Accepted within 90 days If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Us! Thank you You can also exchange with your old phone. (Swap) Call.Text and Whatsapp : +256704096518 Skype: Bazaarphones
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